Drop off and pick up of your defective product at the Perrieri IT head office in Grand Baie.Pick-up and delivery at your home or office. A service fee of Rs 250 will apply.

How it works?

Call & Collect

After submitting your repair request, a Perrieri after sales agent will contact you in order to organise for the pick-up of your product.

Dispatch & Diagnostic

Once your product has been collected, it will be dispatched to the authorised dealers service center, to undergo diagnostic testing.


Repairs that fall within the product warranty terms and period, will be covered. If your product has been damaged due to usage or the warranty has expired, then any repairs will be subject to the customers agreement and at their own cost.


Once your product has been repaired, it can either be collected from the Perreri IT head office, or it can be delivered to your home or office; at a nominal cost.


Warranty Period

Any warranty related to the product purchased will be as per the suppliers’ warranties terms and conditions. Perrieri IT does not provide any warranties for products. Warranties are non-transferable and will be registered in the name of the customer who acquired the product.

Warranty Conditions & Exclusions (non exhaustive)

Warranties are limited to authentic and original products which have not been damaged by any misuse, negligence, alteration, repairs or modification of any nature. Warranties do not cover damages including but not limited to:

  • Defects arising from physical damages caused to the products.
  • Any oxidation arising as a result of contract with any form of liquid.
  • Any damages caused by normal wear and tear arising from usage.

Warranties are subject to using the product in compliance with the purpose and to the specification of notices and the user’s manual delivered with the product, including the obligation to operate the equipment in accordance with the Manufacturer’s Limitation of liability.

Warranties are limited in case of inability of the suppliers to supply products (part & swap units), similar to the faulty unit/part due to the products being discontinued from production or to any other reason beyond the manufacturer/supplier control. In such cases, the manufacturer/supplier reserves the right to propose an alternate product in respect of the discontinued product as warranty compensation.

The warranty does not give user the right to claim in case of damages, even in cases of following restrictions: unemployment, operations, trading losses, prevention of possession, work interruption or by referring to primary or secondary contractual obligations or any other causes. In no event shall Perrieri IT Solutions Limited be liable for incidents or consequences, damage of any nature whatsoever, including but not limited to lost profits or commercial loss, to these extents those damages cannot be claimed by law.